Flat Mtn Press is the print-focused studio of Trevor Grabill, a teacher, gardener, muralist, and printmaker in Kalamazoo, Michigan. You can contact them at flatmtnpress@gmail.com.

I grew up in central Michigan, and have spent my life in small cities and villages around the great lakes. My work draws on these places, which represent a combination of incredible natural beauty, rust belt decay, and rural midwestern neglect. These are places (or their inhabitants) that are readily passed by, rendered neutral by force of habit. My work highlights the essential strangeness, both beautiful and terrible, of the everday. Our world is shaped by very specific forces (often capitalism or resistance to capitalism) and, as such, absolutely nothing is inevitable.

All of my work begins with drawing, often from life on long bike rides, in crowded places, or in my backyard. Turning these drawings into block prints is a slow process of selecting the block and paper, then carving, inking and, finally, printing. Each of these steps hones the image, boiling it down to its most interesting elements while introducing the textures and voices of each material. The result is often as surprising to me as it is rewarding.

Much of my work is available in my shop, but if you see something that you’re interested in and can’t find it there, send a message - I may well have a few copies in stock.

New commissions, including tattoo designs and illustration work, are available - let me know your ideas for a quote.

I’m available for instructing both one-off and ongoing printmaking workshops - I currently teach at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, and have taught dozens of workshops at other intitutions.

I also love to collaborate, if you’d like to work together!

For any of the above inquiries, contact me at flatmtnpress@gmail.com.

To connect in other ways, check out:

Instagram for news, process images, and sketchbook drawings.

Tiktok for process videos and studio tours.

Patreon for exclusive content, including instructional videos, in-depth process explanation, and my newsletter, as well as monthly prints in the mail.